Welcome to Feza

Feza schools are one of the contribution schemes of Ishik Foundation in education for Tanzania. Feza Schools is a group of schools that are situated in Dar es Salaam, Dodoma and Zanzibar. The first school, Feza Boys started in 1998 at Mikocheni, Dar es Salaam and officially inaugurated by His Excellency the Vice President, late Dr. Omar Ali Juma. Later Feza Primary, Feza Girl’s and others were firmly erected.

FEZA echoes an infinite universe, in taking it to heart our schools are not bound nor limited to learning and we strive to broaden our understanding and teaching methods daily so as our students can reach their goals in education and learning with knowledge, good behaviour, patriotism and make them good citizens in an ever changing fast paced era that we live in.

FEZA, which is standing with a motto Be Better Educated, believes that a good nation will stand strong if her people are embodied with good education

FEZA school’s logo consists of two features, a black bow bending downward which looks like a fetus in a womb of its mother. This is the stage where all human being has to pass in the process of fetus development, the dark bowed feature represents a human being.

The second feature are two lines coloured in orange raising high from the dark feature. These represent light which is coming from an educated person. Educated person will always appear in a society as a glowing candle in the middle of darkness and helps everybody to see the way which will direct them out of darkness.

So, FEZA logo expresses that human being needs better education in order to grow and serve our beautiful nation, Tanzania. Be Better Educated.