Social Responsibility


Feza Schools has embraced the responsibility of giving back to the community by collaborating with the Charity department, Time to Help – Tanzania, and student-led Charity clubs. Through these collective efforts, we have successfully supported neighboring community schools and students, fostering goodwill and making a positive impact in the surrounding areas.

Water Wells Construction

Through a fruitful partnership with the Charity department, we have actively contributed to the construction of several water wells throughout the country. These wells have been established in various locations, including public schools, orphanage centers, villages, and religious buildings, spanning across Tanzania Mainland and Zanzibar. These essential water sources serve as valuable resources for the communities they support, significantly improving access to clean and safe water for those in need.

Classrooms donation to neighbour school

Feza school has extended its support by constructing classrooms for Kawe B Primary school and Kawe Ukwamani Secondary School, and they have also generously built teachers’ lavatories for Kondo Secondary School.”

Book drive project

The Book Drive Project is a commendable initiative led entirely by the Feza Alumni Foundation. This project involves graduates who are members of the Feza Alumni, and they have been actively organizing various activities, such as food bazaars, to raise funds. These funds are then directed towards supporting those in need, including sick individuals in hospitals and providing necessities to orphanage centers.

The primary goal of the Book Drive Project is to collect books in good condition, left by the graduates, and donate them to students in public schools. These donated books serve as valuable reference materials and textbooks for the students. So far, this project has successfully benefited several schools, including Kawe Ukwamani Secondary School, Mtakuja Beach Secondary School, and Kibasila High School.

The Feza Alumni Foundation’s commitment to giving back to the community through education and support for those in need is truly inspiring and continues to make a positive impact on the lives of many.

Scholarship benefits to neighbouring schools

Feza schools uphold a generous policy of granting scholarships to a maximum of 15% of enrolled students. These scholarships are either fully or partially funded, aimed at providing support to deserving students. Given the limited number of students currently enrolled in our schools, each Feza school extends its assistance to ten to twenty students from public primary or secondary schools.

Under this initiative, selected students receive 250,000 shillings to cover essential expenses such as purchasing school uniforms, stationery, and pocket money. The selection process involves the school committee or school board suggesting a list of eligible students based on their academic performance and financial need.

To ensure ease and transparency, the scholarship funds are transferred directly to the students’ bank accounts, enabling them to access the necessary resources for their education. Through this thoughtful and considerate approach, Feza schools are committed to fostering a supportive environment and promoting access to quality education for deserving students in the community.