Primary Grade 1-6

With the use of Cambridge Assessment International Education Primary curriculum for the core subjects of English, Mathematics and Science. The school has an additional of other languages taught such as Kiswahili and Turkish, then subjects such as Social studies, Music, P.E, Fine Art, I.C.T, Mind games and PSHE.

Our students in Year 6 take Cambridge primary checkpoint examinations by February/ March before moving to lower secondary stage. Then immediately after checkpoints they are introduced to secondary subjects from March to June.

Teaching Methodology

Our teachers use a wide range of strategies to deliver the Cambridge curriculum content. These strategies range from teacher-led discussions, students’ presentations/ discussions, hands-on projects, academic trips, competition in Olympias, Debates, music dance and drama activities, games and a variety of other club activities.

Teaching Aids

The school provides the latest technology such as interactive smart boards connected to high-speed internet in every class to enable the teachers to deliver their lessons and ease learning. Besides the ongoing formative assessments, all the students are subjected to summative assessments such as the end of term and end of year exams. We prepare and deliver our lessons using a range of materials/resources aimed to make every learning session fun and very interesting.