Managing Director

“The education provided must therefore encourage the development in each citizen of three things; an inquiring mind; and ability to learn from what others do, and reject or adapt it to his own needs; and a basic confidence in his own position as a free and equal member of the society, who values others and is valued by them for what he does and not for what he obtains.”

― Julius Nyerere

This year Feza schools is celebrating its 25th Anniversary in Tanzania, we are happy and overjoyed with the success we have received over the years, all this could not be achieved without the generous support of parents, school management, dedicated teachers, surrounding community and the government, we thank you all for years of dedication to our schools.

The schools are established to give different colours to the world of education by delivering several concepts in class and outside which maximize the potential in all school lines and utilizes them as educational and learning tools for students.

Feza schools aspires to bring an unforgettable learning experience for all our students in the classroom and outdoor activities, we believe true education is not only training of the mind but also the development of character, discipline and personality. As the world is changing at an incredible pace, Feza schools is trying to educate and prepare their students to the ever changing world. In such we believe the cooperation of students, teachers and parents is fundamental in achieving such an end.

We all have different views on what success is, in a generation that constantly redefines many concepts it’s a hope that our students and parents are able to discern their views and success criteria and enjoy the fruits of their labour, all the while not losing sight of what true / positive success ought to look like and the impact it’s to have within the bounds of family and the community so as to build a better society and life for all mankind.

Once again welcome and thank you for joining the big family of Feza Schools.

Anthony Baker

Managing Director.