Feza Girls

Feza Girls – Second Semester Calendar

July – December 2023

Feza Girls School was established in 2005 in Mikocheni and later relocated to Kawe in 2008. As a renowned educational institution, Feza Girls Secondary and High School follows the NECTA curriculum, catering to both Ordinary-level (O-Level) and Advanced-level (A-Level) students.

Our A-Level program spans two years and provides a comprehensive education, offering five different core-subject combinations. We are dedicated to empowering our students with knowledge and skills, preparing them for future success in their academic pursuits and beyond.

Feza Girls High School, is committed to fostering a supportive and conducive learning environment, ensuring our students reach their full potential and achieve excellence in their chosen fields.

  1. Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics (PCM)
  2. Physics, Chemistry, and Biology (PCB)
  3. Economics, Geography, and Mathematics (EGM)
  4. History, Geography, and Economics (HGE)
  5. History, Geography, and Literature (HGL).

The school boasts a well-equipped campus that includes sports fields, modern laboratories, spacious classrooms, dormitories, a library, and many more amenities, all contributing to creating an exceptional learning environment for our students. We believe that providing top-notch facilities enhances the overall educational experience, fostering a conducive and inspiring atmosphere where students can thrive academically, socially, and personally. Our commitment to offering the best possible learning environment underscores our dedication to nurturing well-rounded and successful individuals who are prepared to face the challenges of the future with confidence and competence.


The school fully acknowledges the significance of encouraging students to engage and take part in diverse competitions, both within the country and on an international level. These competitions not only foster students’ confidence but also equip them with the necessary skills to tackle future challenges effectively.

The valuable experiences derived from participating in various club activities and competitions play a pivotal role in the students’ lives. Interacting with peers from different backgrounds helps expand their thinking and reasoning capacity, enabling them to grow both personally and academically. These experiences become an integral part of their development, preparing them to face the complexities of the future with determination and resilience.

Clubs & Sports 

At Feza Girls, we provide a wide array of co-curricular activities and clubs that complement our academic program. These clubs serve as avenues for students to explore and nurture their passions and talents outside the traditional classroom setting.

The school has a  diverse selection of clubs such as Science, music, origami, chess, photography, business club, sports, arts & crafts and many more clubs that offer the students a chance to interact, have fun and build up their hobbies

Feza Girls School Performance

Feza Girls Secondary School is committed to empowering young minds, nurturing talent, and promoting academic excellence. With a focus on both local and international engagement, we provide a nurturing environment for students to thrive and excel as they are building a solid foundation for their future.

Form Four 











Grade A-Excellent     

Grade A -Excellent

Form Six














Grade B -Very Good

Grade B -Very Good

Why Choose Feza Girls  School

Choosing Feza Girls means choosing excellence, empowerment, and a nurturing environment for your child’s growth. Here’s why we stand out.

  1. Academic Excellence: We prioritize academic rigor and provide our students with the tools they need to excel in their studies.
  2. Holistic Development: Our focus extends beyond academics to develop well-rounded individuals with strong character and leadership skills.
  3. Experienced Faculty: Our passionate and dedicated teachers are committed to guiding students toward success.
  4. Global Perspective: We integrate international standards, enabling our students to be globally competitive.
  5. Safe and Supportive Environment: Feza Girls is a second home, where students feel safe, respected, and encouraged to pursue their dreams.
  6. Empowering Girls: We celebrate the uniqueness and potential of each girl, empowering them to break barriers and reach new heights.

Join us at Feza Girls, where we lay the foundation for a bright future and inspire young minds to become leaders of tomorrow.

Headmaster’s Message

It is with great pleasure and pride that I welcome you to Feza Girls School, a beacon of excellence in education since its inception in 2005. As the Headmaster of this remarkable institution, I am honored to be a part of a community dedicated to the pursuit of academic excellence and character development.

At Feza Girls, we vision  to maintain a high level of academic performance. We are driven by the belief that every student has the potential for greatness, and it is our duty to nurture and harness that potential. Our dedicated and passionate staff work tirelessly to create an environment where curiosity is encouraged, critical thinking is fostered, and creativity knows no bounds.

Our mission is to provide a well-rounded, character-building education that goes beyond textbooks and classrooms. Through challenging interdisciplinary curricula, stimulating extracurricular activities, and active community involvement, we aim to shape our students into responsible, compassionate, and informed global citizens.

We are committed to instilling a lifelong passion for learning in our students, recognizing that education is not a destination but a journey. We believe in nurturing a strong sense of moral responsibility, teaching our students to be leaders who make a positive impact on society.

As Headmaster, I am committed to ensuring that Feza Girls remains a place where excellence flourishes, potential is realized, and dreams are achieved. Together, as a united educational community, we will continue to uphold our traditions of excellence while embracing innovation and adaptation to meet the evolving needs of our students.

I invite you to explore our website to learn more about our programs, staff and the many opportunities that await your child at Feza Girls. Join us in our mission to nurture the leaders, thinkers, and changemakers of tomorrow.

Thank you for considering Feza Girls as the place where your child’s educational journey can truly take flight.

Warm regards,

Ibrahim Shafi Zanga.

Headmaster, Feza Girls