Feza Daycare & Nursery

Feza Nursery & Daycare – Second Semester Calendar

July – December 2023

 “A child who has become master of his acts through long and repeated exercises, and who has been encouraged by the pleasant and interesting activities in which he has been engaged, is a child filled with health and joy and remarkable for his calmness and discipline.” 

Maria Montessori


Feza Nursery and Daycare was founded in 2001 in Mikocheni at the area of Kinondoni Municipal.

The school follows the NECTA curriculum  and is capable of accommodating 400 students. With well-appointed classrooms and expansive playground areas, the pupils enjoy a clean and conducive learning environment that supports their growth and development. Each class is supervised by competent teachers and assistants who are adequately trained and equipped to care for the students.


3 Months – 3 Years


3 – 6 Years

Teaching methodology

We firmly believe in the power of a hands-on approach to teaching, which encourages active participation from our students. Through interactive sessions with their peers and teachers, students delve into a wide array of subjects, fostering a deeper understanding and appreciation for learning.

To enrich their educational journey, we employ diverse educational toys and programs that focus on developing fundamental skills. By doing so, we nurture their cognitive and social abilities, ensuring a well-rounded and holistic learning experience. Our aim is to empower our students with the knowledge and skills they need to excel in both academic and real-life settings, equipping them to become confident and accomplished individuals in an ever-changing world.

Club activities/ Extra currricular activities

The club activities are designed to instill positive habits, develop cognitive skills, and promote unity among children as they learn to share and play with others. These experiences not only enhance their academic knowledge but also nurture essential social and interpersonal skills.

Furthermore, we value the involvement of parents in their child’s learning journey. To foster a strong parent-school partnership, we organize sessions where parents are invited to participate in club activities with their children. This collaborative approach allows parents to gain insights into their child’s progress and better understand their unique strengths and challenges.

  1. Food, nutrition and health.
  2. Arts and handcraft.
  3. ICT Club.
  4. Mathematics club.
  5. Science club.
  6. Music and dance club.
  7. Mind game.
  8. Karate Club.
  9. English club
  10. Swimming

Extra services offered

At Feza Nursery and Daycare, we are dedicated to fostering a warm and welcoming environment, where parents and teachers collaborate in the best interest of the children. We offer various services that cater to the needs of both parents and teachers, promoting a friendly and cooperative atmosphere.

As part of our commitment to holistic development, we provide after-school programs for students, tailored based on teacher evaluations and with the consent of parents. These programs are designed to complement the regular curriculum and offer additional learning opportunities. Best of all, these after-school programs are completely free of charge, ensuring equal access to all students.

Teacher - Student Ratio

To provide personalized attention, each class is assigned a teacher and an assistant. This dynamic duo works together to monitor and engage with the students effectively, ensuring that each child’s unique needs are met.

In our Daycare, we maintain a similar approach with a teacher, caregiver, and room dada/sister. This team ensures that our youngest learners receive the utmost care and attention, creating a safe and loving environment for them to thrive.

At our school, the collective effort of our skilled educators and caring staff ensures that every child receives the individualized support they need to flourish academically, emotionally, and socially. Our commitment to fostering a positive and nurturing learning environment remains at the heart of our educational philosophy.

Why Feza Nursery and Daycare

At Feza Nursery and Daycare, our top priority is the holistic development of children during their nursery school years, preparing them for formal education with a strong foundation. We are deeply committed to delivering exceptional services and maintaining a positive atmosphere that fosters growth and learning.

With a focus on high-quality education and a caring approach, we aim to instill a love for learning and a sense of curiosity in every child. At Feza Nursery and Daycare, we believe that a strong start in education sets the stage for a successful and fulfilling academic journey.

Headmistress Message

In this foreword, I want to underscore the remarkable collaboration and partnership that exists between our students, teachers, and parents here at the kindergarten. Our success in fostering a nurturing and enriching learning environment hinges on the collective effort of these three integral components.

Our teachers, with their dedication and expertise, guide our students through their crucial early years of learning. They are not only educators but also mentors, working tirelessly to ensure each child’s growth and development.

Equally important are the parents, who play an active role in their child’s educational journey. Your involvement, support, and engagement greatly enhance the overall learning experience. Your insights into your child’s unique qualities and preferences help us tailor our approach to best suit each individual.

Together, as a cohesive team, we pave the way for our students to flourish academically, socially, and emotionally. It is through this collaboration that we create a warm, inclusive, and stimulating environment where each child can thrive. I am immensely grateful for the partnership between students, teachers, and parents that makes our kindergarten truly exceptional.