Whom do we serve?

FEZA serves the educational needs of the Tanzanian community as well as the educational needs of the International students who are committed to access a better education in both locally and internationally curricula. We welcome boys and girls of all races, religions and cultures and we consider applications in the beginning of the academic year of Nursery, Primary, Ordinary and Advanced levels, and in some cases throughout the year based on space availability.

Admission Procedures

Nursery– The joining age is 3 years.

Primary – Entry for Grade One pupil should be a nursery graduate who has learnt and acquired the skills of lower level (Writing, reading and Arithmetic).

Ordinary level –  Students joining Form One should have the following qualifications;

  • Completed primary education and pass the standard seven National Examinations.
  • Pass school entrance examination where he/she will be tested in Science and Mathematics and score not less than 80%.
  • Students who pass the written examination, will be called for oral interview as the exam given is a multiple choice format whereby there is a chance of guessing.
  • Students who pass the oral interview will be given the school joining instructions and enrolled after making the first payment.

Advanced Level – Students joining Form Five should have the following qualifications;

  • Should sit as a school candidate and pass the CSE Examination of the latest year and pass with Division I
  • For science combinations (PCM, PCB) should score a minimum of 6 points of the combination subjects (Lowest score per subject will be B).
  • For arts combination (EGM, HE, HKL), an applicant with good potential can be accepted even if the score Division II but should score B for the combination subjects.